Questions to Ask When Planning the Perfect Deck

Planning the perfect deck for your outdoor space isn’t as difficult as you might think. All it takes is a little effort, a lot of planning, and some elbow grease to accomplish the task. Before you begin, assess what will be required by asking yourself the following questions:

Do I need to hire a professional?

One of the easiest ways to plan and execute this task is to hire a professional deck builder Salt Lake City. A professional will have the skills and experience necessary to take your ideas and turn them into your dream deck.

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How large is my yard or outdoor space?

You don’t want your new deck to take up too much outdoor space and knowing how large it is will give you an idea of how large you can go without compromising the children’s play area.

How large is my family?

You’ll want a deck large enough to allow all members of your immediate family to enjoy at once. Since decks are spaces for entertaining guests outdoor, go ahead and add two to that number. (Ex. If you have yourself, your spouse, and two children, plus two guests, you have a total of six.)

What do you plan on doing with your deck?

Will you be hosting parties, or simply having people over for coffee on cool evenings? Will you barbecue, eat your meals outside, or lay around and look at the stars? Knowing what will be done will allow you to know what furniture will need to be placed outside. A deck used for sitting only may need nothing more than a table and two chairs. If you want to add a hammock, cooking area, raised fire pit, or eating table your space will need to be larger.