Saving The Environment And Sustainable Development With A Wood Pole Manufacturer

One of the main reasons why your wood pole manufacturer is helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and thus save your surrounding environment has to do with the variety of coatings and treatment procedures carried out to seal the wood and prolong its life. Coatings and treatments will vary in accordance with the type of wood being harvested and its purposes. For instance, wood used for the manufacture of poles for fencing will have a protective resin to safeguard it against the sun’s UV rays and the damp from rainfall.

Utility pole manufacturer

And wood utilized in the home, for instance, will be treated with a carbon friendly formula that prevents termites from penetrating the wood. Utility pole manufacturers also carry a range of other benefits for commercial and domestic consumers. It is well worth mentioning these here. Service delivery combines the environmentally conscious selection of wood with the delivery of materials to wholesale and retail suppliers.

Service delivery is countrywide and worldwide. Processing plants are strategically located across the country to make speedy delivery of wood to wholesalers and retailers possible. Sourced directly from non-endangered plantations, wood is of a high quality, able to withstand the necessary processes of kiln drying and peeling. All coatings and wood treatments are now trademarked, with Penta and ET being two examples.

The ability to always adhere to carbon reduction targets and remain environmentally friendly comes through knowledge of natural wood and processed materials informed by years, and years, in the harvesting and processing of wood for broad markets that stretch well beyond continental borders. Finally, with the ability to prolong the life of wood, the environmentally conscious utility manufacturer has the ability to service broad markets with its much needed capacity to save costs as far as possible.