Barbed Wire Has A Fine History

security barbed wire

When you mention barbed wire to anyone, there is a serious look on the face of that person you are chatting with. Because the very mention of barbed wire brings up thoughts on security issue and creating fair boundary lines. And while this is all serious, it is a good thing. It is good that folks are thinking seriously about safeguarding their property. The use of security barbed wire is perfect for large commercial properties.

It is ideal for those folks who own smallholdings in rural areas and there is no law enforcement agency for miles on a stretch. The use of security barbed wire is perfect for those who own agricultural land that is so vast it would be almost impossible to continuously monitor the property’s perimeters throughout the day. Such vigilance would be necessary in light of what type of stock is being kept on the land. But barbed wire works well enough to keep intruders at bay.

They can try and hack their way through the wire and sure enough there is a greater chance of them injuring themselves than making off with the stock. And then again, try herding cattle over and through barbed wire, cut or not. That would be quite a messy affair, not so. Nevertheless, it’s pleasing to note that barbed wire has a fine legacy. Back in the nineteenth century when our forefathers were still staking their claims on open land, one gentleman from the East invented the wire.

He was a serious gentleman indeed. He was security conscious and he was deeply concerned about all the cattle raiders and land invaders out there at the time. Not for miles would there be a single platoon of cavalry to help out so barbed wire it would have to be.